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Investing in Learning & Development Matters

1 in 2 companies in the U.S. do not have formal training strategies in place to address the skills gap.

Source: Guide2Research

Over $500 billion is lost every year due to employee disengagement.

Source: Rapt Media

Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus those who don’t.

Source: Huffington Post

The 6 Key Indicators™ of High Performance

Creating high-performing leaders and teams is crucial to meeting and surpassing your business objectives. We measure and develop competence, motivation, and collaboration within the context of these key indicators of high performance.


Dependable communication strategies reduce misunderstanding, minimize work delays and enhance overall productivity.

Feedback & Feedforward

What’s happened in the past and expected future results provide essential information to make important decisions and improve performance.

Emotional Intelligence

In a work environment, identifying and managing your emotions while navigating the emotions of others is rarely taught or discussed.


Efficient, successful teams depend on a structure everyone knows and anticipates to unify and streamline processes for conducting work.


Teams that hold each other respectfully accountable drive innovation, trust, and productivity within organizations.


Cohesive teams are more successful and productive. A culture of cohesion increases satisfaction, engagement, and collaboration.

Cultivate Stronger Teams and Leaders

Great leaders and strong teams aren’t born through one-off training sessions or self-directed eLearning.

Vivo Team pinpoints the right areas for improvement by evaluating your team to uncover measurable behavioral insights before delivering live, instructor-led online training. Get the C-Suite results you’re after—greater productivity and profitability.

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